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Jiggs Dinner Gluten Free

Makes: 6-8 servings

Traditional Newfoundland speciality of salted beef cooked with cabbage, carrots, turnips and potatoes.


  • Determine quantities by number of people
  • Soak salt beef or salt giblets overnight. Drain.
  • Cabbage, turnip, carrot, potatoes (could also include broccoli, or greens)
  • Can be served with roasted local chicken, moose, pork or beef


  • Cover salt beef or giblets with water in a pot large enough for all ingredients.
  • Boil for about 2 hours. Add ingredients in order: cabbage, turnip, carrot, potatoes, leaving a few minutes between each one (Taste broth periodically for saltiness. Some water may have to be poured off and fresh water added).
  • If cooking greens instead of cabbage, add them last, on top of the potatoes.
Submitted by Gail Temple