Great Meals for a Change

A fun way to taste, talk and learn about sustainable food

Great Meals

"Great Meals for a Change" was developed through an action research project on sustainable food based on a partnership of JUDES (Just Us! Development and Education Society) and Acadia University.

The research objectives were to bring a deeper understanding of sustainable food to consumers within Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, and to promote more sustainable food purchasing. A literature review and series of diverse focus groups identified that social experiences and personal relationships are key influences on how each of us makes decisions around food purchasing.

The challenge was to create a social experience that would give participants information on sustainable food, raise awareness to help motivate behaviour change, indentify ways to overcome barriers to sustainable food purchasing, and be fun. A party-style "sustainable meal" was conceived as an effective way to shift norms and disseminate knowledge about sustainable food. A "Great Meal" is hosted in people's own homes with their friends, supported by an educational toolkit and disseminated using a "pass it on" format.

Current Work

"Great Meals for a Change" has been designed, piloted, revised, and evaluated with a range of demographic groups in Kings County Nova Scotia with a subsequent dissemination test phase in St. John’s and Corner Brook Newfoundland. Feedback has been enthusiastic from hosts and participants and initial analysis of the evaluation data suggests the program has had a positive impact. The program is accessible for use by organizations and communities.

Download "Great Meals" Research Poster (pdf)